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Budding Writers' Kids Club Terms

  1. Eligibility:

    • This club is open to young writers between 6 and 12 years old.

    • Submissions must be made by a parent or legal guardian who is of legal age.

  2. Submission Guidelines:

    • Stories must be original, unpublished, and should contain between 500 and 1500 characters.

    • The content should be appropriate for children and align with the values of LISN KIDS.

  3. Monthly Selection:

    • Each month, LISN KIDS will select a story that resonates with our team. The chosen story will be adapted into a professional audiobook and made available on the LISN KIDS app.

    • Selected stories will be featured for all users to enjoy without any subscription or payment required.

  4. Rights and Permissions:

    • By submitting a story, the parent or legal guardian agrees that if LISN KIDS adapts the story, LISN KIDS acquires exclusive rights to it.

    • This means the story cannot be used elsewhere and LISN KIDS gains all rights to the story, including but not limited to written, audiovisual, or other forms, and these rights may be sold or used by LISN KIDS in any manner.

    • The author (child) and their legal guardian relinquish any rights to modify, withdraw, or control the use of the story once submitted and selected.

    • LISN KIDS reserves the right to use the story in any promotional material and for any purposes related to the app, ensuring it remains accessible for free.

  5. No Compensation Policy:

    • There is no financial compensation for the submitted or selected stories. Participation in the club is purely for the joy of writing and sharing stories.

  6. Parental/Guardian Consent:

    • Submission of a story implies that parental or guardian consent has been obtained. By submitting, the guardian agrees to the terms and conditions of the Budding Writers' Kids Club.

  7. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions:

    • All participants must agree to the club's terms and conditions as part of the submission process.

  8. Privacy and Safety:

    • LISN KIDS is committed to protecting the privacy and safety of its young writers. Personal information will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy.

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